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The following web sites offer web graphics and design templates for use in creating your own websites. To use any graphics found on one of the following sites, you must follow the "Terms of Use" as described on that site.

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Warning: Most of these sites have several advertisements and pop-up windows. It sometimes takes a few screens to scan through before finding the actual graphics.


Clip Art
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Free Graphics for Web Pages  ClipArt Review   Graphic Designer's Studio
Brobst Systems 4Yeo  New Creations 3D 
Feebleminds - Gifs Cyber Gifs Christ Art
 Web Developer Useless Graphics Web Master's Den 
 iBand Stock Photos School Icons 
Whytehouse Morning Star Designed to a T
Clipart Heaven Clipart Links for Busy Teachers Kelta Web Concepts
  Hassle Free Clipart  




Online Graphic Editors:


Forms, Surveys, & Activities:


Using Code & Other Tutorials:

HTML Basics

Jim Bertelsen' Tutorials Stupid Web Tricks Text Formats in HTML


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August 22, 2007
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